PSP 3006: Upgrade Firmware 5.03 ke 6.35 Pro-B

Kemaren saya telah berhasil mengupgrade firmware PSP 3006 saya dari 5.03 Prome-3 ke 6.35 Pro-B. Ini nggak cuma buat PSP 3006, yang jelas PSP 3000an. Kalo Anda berani nyoba upgrade ke versi 6.35 Pro-B ini, silakan ikuti petunjuk di bawah dengan sangat teliti. Salah dikit, PSP bisa brick. So, hati-hati.

Install OFW 6.35
1. Colokin PSP ke kompi. Cek di root Memory Stick (MS) Anda. Kalo ada folder “seplugins”, apus folder tersebut. Backup aja datanya di kompi.

2. Kalo udah, download Official Firmware 6.35 disini (30 Mb). Oke, kalo udah download, ekstrak filenya dimana aja. Inget! Kalo udah diupgrade ke versi ini, bakalan susah lagi nge-downgradenya. Jadi pikirin lagi mateng-mateng sebelum upgrade ya.

3. Copy file (EBOOT.PBP) yang tadi di ekstrak ke dalam folder PSP\GAME\UPDATE. Kalo di dalam folder GAME belum ada folder UPDATE, yaudah buat manual. Disconnect PSP dan masuk ke Game – Memory Stick di PSP Anda. Jalanin yang tadi di copy n tunggu sampe prosesnya selesai. Kalo udah berhasil, apus aja filenya dari PSP.

Quoted from:


Untuk ke 6.35 PRO-nya,

Taruh hasil extract file patch berikut ke folder: /PSP/GAMES/ (link-nya:

Terus Jalankan deh itu: Pro-Updater. Selesai.


Karena ini sifatnya belum permanen, jadi setiap habis cold boot (full reboot) mesti di re-patch.


Simple String EnCrypt + DeCrypt function

Sometimes you need some simple way to avoid stuff is read by someone else.
Some texts you want to keep private.
Can be if you save information in files, at a server with limited options for file protection.

If your need of security is not that high,
this script makes it a bit more difficult to get to your information.
Most people would never be able to decode your text.
If you have stuff that needs high security, you should use other tools.
Sure is possible to add more complicated operations,
but I wanted to keep it small, fast and simple.

This little function will use a Secret Key to encrypt text.
And you would have to use same Key to decrypt it back.
There is only one function for both encrypt/decrypt.
And you call it the same way always.

Script below will output:

Key: mysecretkey
To be or not to be, that is the question
To be or not to be, that is the question

I think it is easy to see how to use this function.
Here is my code:

PHP Code:

// String EnCrypt + DeCrypt function
// Author: halojoy, July 2006
function convert($str,$ky=''){
$ky=='')return $str;
strlen($ky)<8)exit('key error');

// Secret key to encrypt/decrypt with
$key=‘mysecretkey’; // 8-32 characters without spaces

// String to encrypt
$string1=‘To be or not to be, that is the question’;

// EnCrypt string

// DeCrypt back

// Test output
echo ‘<span style=”font-family:Courier”>’.“\n”;

Quoted from: halojoy @

Blackberry OS 6.0 is out for 9300

In case you didn’t know:

Official Operating System 9300 – from StarHub Ltd.

Here is some more operating system news for you folks that own the BlackBerry Curve 9300. StarHub Ltd. has made official for their customers, but remember, anybody can load this up by deleting the vendor.xml file.

If you don’t know what a vendor file is or you just need help in general, please check out our How To Thread that will guide you through upgrading your BlackBerry.
This one thread will get you through the entire process with pictures, video, and more.

and this is the unofficial one:

OS Leaked for the Curve 9300


Following behind the Bold 9700, the Curve 9300 now gets some love. It was just last week we saw the Curve 9300 get OS, which was supposed to be a fairly good build. Now, OS has been leaked. We aren’t sure of the changes as yet, so be sure to let us know what you think.

Please remember that this IS NOT an official release OS. If you wish to install this OS keep in mind that this may cause your phone to not function correctly. BlackberryOS and any other BlackberryOS Official sites are not responsible. If you are not comfortable and/or unsure as how to upgrade to this OS, please click the link below.