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30 Free Online Tools to Test Your Website


is one thing that you cannot afford to take lightly. The reason being simple, just like a minor negligence while constructing a building can cost life of millions of residents , the same way a small error left unnoticed can prove to be fatal for your website.

Therefore, this implies that we must run our website through all necessary tests. This includes CSS Errors, HTML Errors, Crossbrowsing Errors, WAP Errors(if your site is WAP enabled) and various other tests.

Below is the list of 30 online tools that enables you to produce an error free masterpiece. So make it sure that you go through this post and run all the necessary tests on your website before making it live.

Validation Tools

1- MarkUp Validator
All documents that are in HTML,XHTML, SMIL, MathML, etc format go through their markup validation through this check. The validator look up for any code that is not complying the rules set by W3C and report it to the user.

2- CSS Validator
Enter the URL of the page you want to check. The validator will show you the existing errors in HTML with CSS or in CSS only, depending on your wish.

3- Links Validator
Type the address of the page or website you would like to run test for. This helps you to check the anchors or links of web pages.

4- RSS Feed Validator
This is a service to check the syntax of the Atoms or RSS feeds.

5- Free Site Validator
Get a real time report of dead links and errors present in your website.

6- MobileOK Checker
Check the level of mobile friendliness of your website or a particular web page.

7- Universal Conformance Checker
A universal error checker. It gives you a brief description of the errors running in your website.

8- WDG HTML Validator
The WDG HTML validator checks through your web pages for errors so as to make them more accessible.

Accessibility & Evaluation Tools

9- Accessibility-Checker
This is an accessibility checker and it checks the conformance of the web pages according to the accessibility standards.

10- Access Color
This checks the color contrast and brightness for the website and makes sure that the people with visual impairment also access the website with same ease.

11- WebAIM Wave
Instead of generating reports on errors it shows you the error spots on your webpage.

12- Functional Accessibility Evaluator
It evaluates the smooth functionality of your web page.

13- Hera
According to WCAG1.0 it check for the errors which do not let user to access the content freely.

14- Section 508 Web Accessibility Checker
Find out if your website is following section 508 standard or not.

15- aDesigner
A help for web designers to ensure that even visually impaired can access their design without any glitch.

16- Adobe PDF conversion
Convert your PDF files which are in any European Language to text or HTML.

17- ColorDoctor
A color simulating software that displays content according to the color characteristics.

18- Colour Blindness Simulator
See the difference in the display of colors to your users affected with color blindness.

19- Colour Contrast Analyser
Use W3C Colour Contrast algorithm and check the contrast between colors.

20- WebXM
Use this Online Risk Management tool to check the accessibility, quality, privacy, security, brand and compliance issues across corporate web properties

21- webagogo
An online tool to check the speed, quality, seo etc of the web pages. It also helps in checking the validations of HTML/XHTML/RSS.

22- Style and Diction
Check the written content of your website on different readability measures.

Website Performance Checkers

23- Pingdom Tools
Check and monitor your network, server and website using Pingdom AB.

24- Testing Master
Test your website with dynamic content and HTTP pages.

25- YSlow
Check and see the reason of slow speed of your website.

26- Web Page Analyzer
Analyze the page size, download time , page speed and many other things of your website.

Cross Browser Testing

27- Browsershots
Check the appearance of your website in different browsers and in different resolutions.

28- Browsercamp
Test your website design in Mac OS X browsers.

29- Xenocode Browser Sandbox
A good resource to check the browser compatibility in IE6/7, Safari, Chrome etc.

30- NetRenderer
An online tool to show you the appearance of your website on IE 6/7/5.5




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