Web Programming: FCKEditor Linking Issue (Solved)

Ini mulainya,

I have a problem.
If I use firefox 3, and I put a link, fck insert:

<a href=”javascript:void(0);/*1216115454886*/”>

Why ????????

Beberapa solusi di Internet:


Guilherme Mendes – Curitiba – Brasil

they said While using document.evaluate() works in FF2, in FF3 one must use someXMLDoc.evaluate() if evaluating against something other than the current document

so to make it working you should replace “document” with “this.EditorDocument.evaluate”, and it works


Yeah, so if you don’t want to upgrade your version of FCKeditor you can downgrade your Firefox.
Do whatever you please.

Is it so hard to understand?
if you want to use Firefox 3 you need a FCKeditor newer than the version that you are using. That’s all, there’s no secret and the upgrade price is 0$.




And replace for:


At this file:



INfo: FCK ane versi 2.2 dan diputuskan untuk tidak upgrade (per saat ini ver. terakhirnya fckeditor ialah 2.6.5) :-bd

Ternyata, setelah ngubeg2 itu .js nya fckeditor bareng temen2,.. solusinya ada di:


pada bagian:

oRegex.PopupUri = new RegExp(”) ;
oRegex.PopupUri.compile( “^javascript:void\\(\\s*window.open\\(\\s*'([^’]+)’\\s*,\\s*(?:'([^’]*)’|null)\\s*,\\s*'([^’]*)’\\s*\\)\\s*\\)\\s*$” ) ;

supaya diganti dengan: (ini gw ambil dari FCKeditor_2.6.5)

oRegex.PopupUri = /^javascript:void\(\s*window.open\(\s*'([^’]+)’\s*,\s*(?:'([^’]*)’|null)\s*,\s*'([^’]*)’\s*\)\s*\)\s*$/ ;

Itu saja? belum.

dari: http://cksource.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=10171

Pastikan, untuk mengganti

in the fckeditor/editor/dialog/fck_link/fck_link.js I replaced in the Ok function the line: oLink = oEditor.FCK.CreateLink( sUri ) ; with this code:

FCK.ExecuteNamedCommand( 'CreateLink', sUri ) ;

// Look for the just created link.
var oLinks = oEditor.FCK.EditorDocument.links ;

for ( i = 0 ; i < oLinks.length ; i++ )
if ( oLinks[i].href.match(sUri))
var oLink = oLinks[i];

Mudah2an bermanfaat.

Source: http://cksource.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=10462

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