The Patience of Ayub PBUH

Ayub the prophet. Have you ever asked yourself, why people say “You have the patience of Ayub” as an example for relatively great acts of patience. First, lets talk about this man’s background, Ayub descended from the great prophet Lot, and was married to a descendant of Yusuf the prophet. The father of Ayub was the richest man in al-sham, and when he died, Ayub became the richest man in al-sham. Ayub also had 12 sons that came in 6 pairs i.e. twin sons for six times. And Ayub was well known for his great morals as he was like a husband to widows, like a father to orphans and like a caring brother for the poor. That’s to say, Ayub was truly a great man, and he is soon to be even greater.

Please notice that this is the part where Ayub becomes greater, let’s see what happens. Allah (sub7anaho wa ta3ala) wanted to test this man patience and raise his level. So, he was plagued in many ways, you know what they say Misfortunes never come singly, and this is exactly what happened with Ayub. A lightening came out of the sky and struck all his money and his belongings, making all what he owns is nothing, apart from only a small house to stay in. so, he became the poor after he was the richest man in al-sham. Not only that, but also he lost his 12 sons, one after one, they all died in front of his eyes. Now he has no money, no food and no one to help him with his life except his faithful wife. But did the misfortunes come to an end? You wish! He then became ill and his illness made him stay in bed for eighteen years.

Probably you would expect that this man won’t panic, won’t lose his patience and he most importantly won’t lose his faith in Allah. Well, it needs no Einstein to figure that out, we are talking about patience and satisfaction and when we say that this man is a great example, Will anybody expect?! This man must have had great patience and didn’t blow his top instead he said thanks Allah. You are partially right, but he didn’t do only that, and you will be surprised by what he really did. First, let’s talk about the money part, Ayub didn’t only say thanks Allah, but he also adapted his life to the new situation. And here is a great example, his wife was visiting their neighbors, came back with a loaf of bread and gave it to Ayub with great care.
Knowing that he was poor and had not even a loaf of bread in his house, he asked his wife how she brought this loaf of bread. She told him that during her visit their neighbor’s son wanted a loaf of bread but he fell asleep before getting the chance to eat it, so her neighbor kindly offered this loaf to Ayub wife and she took it. What do you think Ayub did? “our neighbors are so kind, let’s share that loaf together I haven’t eaten in days” well he didn’t do that at all instead he told his wife to go back their neighbors and return the loaf of bread, just in case if the young boy woke up and asked for his loaf of bread and he couldn’t find it he might be sad. So, she went back to return it and while she was talking with her neighbor the little kid actually wake up and asked for his loaf and he was more than please to find it still there.

As for the health part, when his wife asked him” You have been in bed for 18 years, why haven’t you asked Allah to cure you all that long?” , we expect that his answer would be “But I do! I do ask Allah to cure me every day, I don’t know why he hasn’t responded so far”, again no he didn’t say that at all instead he said” I can’t ask Allah that, Allah has gave me a great health for 70 years and he made me ill for 18 and I am ashamed (shy) to ask Allah to cure me before I complete 70 years of being ill.
“Wow, who is this guy? Is he human of blood like flesh like us? Or maybe he is an angel?” this is what to comes to our minds after reading his story. Indeed he is human like all of us, he is only better than us for applying what he believes is right, while we only talk, talk, and talk without doing anything what so ever.

That’s it! Is it the end of the story? Well, No. there is still a good part coming up.

We didn’t say why we are satisfied with only talking and not applying like Ayub. Satan is the answer to this question, but didn’t Ayub have a Satan of his own? In fact, he had and there is a great story for that, Ayub was satisfied with his destiny and everything was going well, when the satan told Ayub:”you aren’t a real prophet, if you were Allah wouldn’t torture you like this, you aren’t better than a non believer who doesn’t follow Allah” So, Ayub, realizing that this was the Satan, asked Allah for guidance, and Allah immediately responded to his request. Allah told him to struck his feet on the floor, wash himself with the water (ya3’tasel) that will come out and he will be cured. That’s exactly what happened, He became like a young man again and was really cured (he was 88 years old). When his wife saw him, she asked him if she had seen the old man that couldn’t walk that was sitting in his place. She didn’t recognize him at all :D. He told her I am the prophet of Allah Ayub.

We won’t say anything more except; have you noticed that this man became great when Allah plagued him with misfortunes and disasters? Have you noticed this man’s disasters? Our disasters compared to this man’s are like a trip to Disney land. Whereas we blow our top when the mobile phone’s battery run out and this man lost everything without losing his smile . Please try to smile more as a trial and you will be astonished by its great impact on others and on yourself (like we said before a smile is known for its ability to deceive your body and make u feel happy even if you really aren’t due to the happy hormones that are spread in your bode when you smile)

Source: WaKe Up UMMAH…LeT’s MaKe OuR SuNNaH AliVe @ FB


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