Alya Fakhirah Prabowo

Cute Baby

Cute Baby

Alhamdulillah,. All praised due to Allah, after days without having a name, the little sister of Iqbal Firdaus Prabowo finally gets her own name.
I have never thought that it would be this much difficult in finding a beautiful name for her. I remember that it took only few days before I got the best name for Iqbal and that was gotten even before he had his first breath. 🙂

Maybe this is why one cannot really tell that you should be able to handle the second child much better since you had the experience of handling the first child. 🙂 So, my advise to you bloggers is to keep planning for the best while in the same time keep preparing yourself and the environment around you for the worst. Expect the unexpected.. 🙂


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